Bekabadcement to produce 1.9m tonnes of cement a year by 2012

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Bekabadcement open joint stock company is planning to increase cement output to 1.9 million tonnes a year by 2012 thanks to modernization and reconstruction of existing capacities. Technical director of Bekabadcement OJSC Shavkat Atadjanov said that the enterprise is planning to produce 860,000-900,000 tonnes of cement in 2010.

He said that currently the plant is completing construction of new clinker line, which will produce clinker on dry method and allow to save energy. Currently, Navoi-based Kyzylkumcement only has such technology in Uzbekistan.

From three existing kilns, Bekabadcement received about 2,000 tonnes of clinker a day and produced on wet method. New line will allow to produce 2,500 clinker a day, which will allow to produced additionally 1 million tonnes of cement a year. The line project was developed based on German technologies and ensures high ecologic standards. All warehouses on storing raw materials and products are closed ended, which allows to collect up to 99.8-99.9% of dust.

Currently, according to Shavkat Atadjanova, construction works are almost ended. Installation and assembly of technologic equipment is underway. In line with the project implementation schedule, it is planned to launch start-and-adjustment works of new line in middle of the first quarter of 2011. The clinker line will be loaded for 100% by 1 May 2011. Chinese engineering company, China CAMC Engineering Co. Ltd, is general contractor.

New line is high-technologic and fully automated. Along with technology assembly, a group of local specialists underwent training. Soon, another group of specialists will visit China to study experience of similar enterprise.

Transnational holding company Union Cement Group, which is co-owner of Bekabadcement in September 2010, launched new cement plant in Yangiyul of Tashkent region with annual capacity of 1 million tonnes a year.

Cement milling station (CMS) in Yangiyul is a branch of Bekabadcement open joint stock company. The plant located 25 km away from Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. The station can produce 3,300 tonnes of cement of PS-400 D-20 mark. The cement will be produced through milling and mixing clinker, active mineral additions and other cement raw materials.

Unlike cement plants of full circle production, the CMS does not envisage mining and production of clinker. The CMS will receive raw materials from Bekabadcement OJSC and mix it with other components and grind mixture to desired fraction. The enterprise is working on expanding number of railway cars to ensure uninterrupted work of the line. Bekabadcement plans to buy two diesel locomotives and 150 gondola cars to existing 80 wagons. The project will be implemented within logistic programme of the plant for 2011-2012.

Along with construction of new clinker line, the enterprise is carrying out modernization of existing equipment. Bekabadcement carried out reconstruction of three kilns. The production capacity increased up to 26-28 tonnes of clinker an hour.

In cooperation with Stromproyekt, the enterprise is working on improving quality of clinker. In particular, the specialists of the enterprise are carrying our experiments with basaltic raw materials from mines in Jizzakh region.

In 2009, internal demand to cement in Uzbekistan exceeded 5.5 million tonnes. According to UZEX specialists, the figure will increase to 5.7 million tonnes by the end of 2010. In perspective, internal demand for cement in Uzbekistan will reach 8-8.5 million tonnes by 2012. Taking into account development of infrastructure, industrial and social objects in Uzbekistan, total annual demand is forecasted at 12 million tonnes by that time.

In 2010-2012, Uzbekistan is planning to create additional plants on cement production with annul production capacities for 6 million tonnes in various regions of the country. Uzbekistan’s cement industry is also actively participating in implementation of the programme on habitation construction in rural areas.

In 2009, the cement industry of Uzbekistan exported products for over 1.3 million tonnes. One of the main Uzbek cement consumers are Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

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