First high-speed Talgo electricity train arrives in Tashkent

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- First high-speed electricity train Talgo 250, named Afrosiyob, arrived in Uzbekistan on 22 July 2011. The train was constructed by PATENTES TALGO S.L. (Spain) within the implementation of the project on organization high-speed passenger communication between Tashkent and Samarkand.

On 5 January 2010, the Uzbek President Islam Karimov signed a resolution “On measures on implementation of the project “Purchase of two high-speed passenger electricity power Talgo-230 (Spain)”. The project is financed due to own resources of Uzbekistan Temir Yollari state joint-stock railway company and resources of the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan. The second train will be delivered in September 2011.

The contract sum is 38 million euros. The document said Uzbekistan Temir Yollari will finance 50% cost of contract on purchase of Talgo trains. Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan will issue loan to cover other 50%. The fund will issue loan through National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan (NBU). The loan is issued for 10 years, including two-year grace period. The interest rate set at 2% APR, including 0.25% refinancing margin.

The electricity train consists of two locomotives, 8 passenger cars and one dining-car. The train has VIP, first class and economy class places. The trains can be used by people with limited abilities.

Afrosiyob electricity train was designed on unique technologies of PATENTES TALGO S.L. Uzbekistan Temir Yollari in cooperation with the Spanish firm adapted train to exploitation on standard 1520 mm gauge, including re-equipment for alternating electricity, installation of modern systems of security movement, radio communication.

Total capacity of the train makes up 257 people. The maximum speed is 250 km per hour and it will spend two hours to travel between Tashkent and Samarkand (344 km).

Train operators and service personnel of high-speed train underwent training at Talgo plant and RENFE (Spain), the Uzbek railway company said.

В Ташкент прибыл первый высокоскоростной электропоезд Talgo
PATENTES TALGO S.L. will also supply spare parts during guarantee period and assist to maintain Afrosiyob electricity trains during exploitation process of 51 months.

Uzbekistan Temir Yollari invested significant resources to modernization of railway infrastructure for organization high-speed train communication between Tashkent and Samarkand.

The company fully reconstructed railway road Dashtabad-Jizzakh with extension of 59.3 km and constructed new double-line railroad Yangiyer-Yangi-Dashtabad with extension of 34.2 km.

Uzbekistan Temir Yollari also carried out other works, including modernization of energy saving and contact network, reconstruction of stations, introduction of modern signaling and communication system, etc.

To ensure security of population, Uzbekistan Temir Yollari constructed fences along the road from Tashkent to Samarkand. The company also reconstructed Tashkent and Samarkand stations to service Afrosiyob trains.

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