Uzbekistan increases cement production twice in last 10 years

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- In last ten years Uzbekistan increased the volume of cement production more than twice from 3.2 million tonnes to 6.8 million tonnes a year, Uzstroymateriali joint stock company said.

Measures on modernization, reconstruction of existing technologies, rational use of financial resources helped to increase the volume of cement production in local enterprises such as Ahangarancement, Bekabadcement, Kyzylkumcement and Quvasoycement. In 2008-2011, they achieved 100% load of their capacities.

In particular, Quvasoycement implemented a project “Cement milling station in Yangiul city to process clinker, produced at Bekabadcement with the capacity of 1 million tonnes of cement a year”.

Modernization of existing capacity with construction of new line on production of cement with dry method with the capacity of 850,000 tonnes of cement clinker a year is underway in Bekabadcement. The object will be launched in the second half of 2012. The launch of new capacities will help Uzbekistan to increase cement production capacities by 1 million tonnes.

The project on construction of Portland cement with the capacity of 600,000 tonnes a year, including 100,000 tonnes of white cement, is also under implementation. The project is implemented by Almalyk Mining and Metallurgy Combine and Uzstroymateriali. The cost of the project, which will be realized in 2012-2014, makes up US$80 million.

Construction of new cement plant with the capacity of 1 million tonnes a year is underway in Karakalpakstan. An Uzbek-US joint venture Rahnamo-Nur implements the project. The project implementation has been started in 2009 and it will be completed in 2013. The project cost is estimated at US$128 million, of which US$79 million – foreign investments.

Modernization of technologic line at Ahangarancement is underway, which will improve quality of cement production. The project will be implemented till 2013. Currently, the enterprise purchases equipment for modernization works.

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