Uzbekistan to link Baisun and Denau with optic fiber line

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbektelecom joint stock company laid the first metes of optic fiber communication line, which will link Baisun and Denau districts of Surkhandarya region.

The first meters of line was laid in Denau district and the ceremony was attended by Surkhandarya regional administration, territorial department of Uzbek agency for communication and information, Uzbektelecom, Aloqa Invest, etc.

Within the project, Uzbektelecom plans to lay 94 km of optic fiber communication line between Baisun and Denau districts of Surkhandarya region.

The project is aimed at further development transport telecommunication network, which unite regions and districts, and ensure access to global information area. It will also improve quality of telecommunication services.

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