Prosecutors reveal new violations in activities of MTS Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Prosecutor-General's Office of Uzbekistan is continuing to investigate criminal case against top managers of foreign enterprise Uzdunrobita, subsidiary of Russia’s MTS, the press service of the body said.

Prosecutor-General's Office said that additional facts of law violations related to cashing large volume of money resources, legalization of income, received from criminal activities, conducting activities without license, tax evasion and others.

It said that prosecutors revealed organizations, with which MTS carried out these criminal schemes. Among them are Lapescara balamore, Hayotxon servis plyus, Asia agro food export, Agro time group, Polati qorgon qurilish, Abdujafar savdo, West Elektrik qroup, Abujafar savdo plus, Elektro Jihoz Nur savdo, Exad Lancer, Sib Nosir, Zolotoy Modern Servis and others. It said that in 2009-2011, MTS directed some 30.2 billion soums (US$1 = 1884.75 soums) to “one-day” firms under pretence of payment to services and works.

Prosecutor-General's Office said that the investigation on criminal case is underway and new violations are determined at the process.

At the same time, it said that it received an official letters of Mobile TeleSystem. On 13 June 2012, Prosecutor-General's Office received the first letter from MTS President Andrei Dubovskov. It said that the company was indrawn to doubtful and illegal schemes of cashing money and tax evasion. The letter said that the company expresses its concern that Behzod Ahmedov, director of MTS Uzbekistan, is not at work and is hiding instead of explaining conditions and eliminating violations.

Andrei Dubovskov, in letter, asked prosecutors, who investigate the case, to unite efforts to eliminate shortages and find Behzod Ahmedov through international structure. He also said that the company is ready to help in this process.

After active actions on inspection and disclosure of serious violations, Prosecutor-General's Office received another letter on 25 June 2012. In his second letter, MTS President expressed his doubt that top management of Uzdunrobita committed violations and participated in illegal financial scheme. At the same time, he said that his previous letter was mistake and failure of the company’s document turnover.

Prosecutor-General's Office of Uzbekistan said that it has information, which allows to assume, that management of MTS is not planning to assist in revealing truth and is hiding Behzod Ahmedov, who was included to international wanted list.

According to existing data of Prosecutor-General's Office, Behzod Ahmedov left for Yerevan (Armenia) and later headed to Moscow with the MTS Vice President Oleg Raspopov. This is evidence that MTS management does not want to see Behzod Ahmedov in investigation process.

The investigators said that such position of MTS top management and possible refusal to assist prosecutors to reveal truth and help to find location of Behzod Ahmedov is not acceptable and puts shadow to the international business reputation of the company.

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