Russian firm develops project on oil shale processing in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Joint Stock Company Saint Petersburg Research and Design Institute ATOMENERGOPROEKT (JSC SPbAEP) completed development of preliminary project of shale oil processing plant at the Sangruntau field in Navoi region of Uzbekistan.

The full package of documentation, which was developed in line with the contract, has been handed to customer – UzLITI Neftegaz. The project of shale oil processing plant envisages that eight firm heat medium facilities (UTT-3000) with the capacity of 8 million tonnes of oil shale a year.

Besides, due to utilization of residual energy from oil shale ashes, which is heated up to 8000 Celsius and char gas, it is planned to produce electricity on its own power station with the capacity of 120 megawatt. It is planned that the first line of the plant will be launched in 2014 with two UTT-3000 facilities.

SPbAEP said that it holds exclusive right to design based on UTT-3000 technology, which allows to process oil shale without use of oxygen.

Shale oil has some valuable qualities. Among its qualities are low price and accessibility of fields. Use of oil shale will also help to increase production of light oil products.

Technology also allows to receive synthetic fuel through processing tires, tar and other waste of oil processing and garbage.

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