NGO “Forum of Socially Responsible Citizens of Uzbekistan” sums up its results

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- NGO “Forum of Socially Responsible Citizens of Uzbekistan” held a meeting in Tashkent to sum up results of its activities in 2012.

Representatives of Public Council of NGO “Forum of Socially Responsible Citizens of Uzbekistan”, regional information center, partner commercial banks, founders of Association “Uzbekistan Ipagi”, state bodies, and others attended the event.

NGO “Forum of Socially Responsible Citizens of Uzbekistan” was founded in December 2012. The new organization was founded by Council of Federation of Trust Unions of Uzbekistan, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, Mahalla Foundation, Social Initiatives Support Fund, Fund Forum, National Association of Electronic Mass Media, Center of public opinion “Ijtimoiy Fikr”.

NGO “Forum of Socially Responsible Citizens of Uzbekistan” created Information Centers in each region of Uzbekistan, which help people to solve existing problems and tasks in the places. Each person can address their issues to the Centers and receive legal, financial, medial and other assistance and consultations. Forum was created foundation for development of civil initiatives, dialogue of the society, realization of ideas of public control, solve social problems in places.

Chairperson of Republican Public Council of the Forum Gulnara Karimova said that the forum cannot provide finances to all, but can unite efforts of all and together achieve a lot. Forum does not aim to solve such tasks as electricity or gas supply, provide jobs, or finance businesses or protect them. The forum was founded to create dialogue among various layers of population.

In past year, Forum considered 5,000 applications through its 14 information centers. About 4,000 people received free consultation on interested issues and the forum supported 300 business projects and helped to receive grants and loans for 4 billion soums., realize social projects and protect social-oriented business. Over 600 new jobs were created due to implementation of these projects.

Gulnara Karimova proposed idea on creation of single financial fund to support socially-important projects as new stage in development of organization. She said the commercial banks will also benefit from support of projects.

She also expressed gratitude to all participants of the NGO “Forum of Socially Responsible Citizens of Uzbekistan”.

In the result of conference, some 14 entrepreneurs from Uzbek regions received certificates to receive loans from banks to realize socially-important projects.

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