UzLiDeP and Milliy Tiklanish form Block of Democratic Forces

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- The movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP) and Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy Tiklanish” formed a Block of Democratic Forces at the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan.

The block was founded on 14 March at the joint session of factions of two political parties in lower house of the Uzbek parliament, information service of the Legislative Chamber said.

Taking into account close position and programme goals, UzLiDeP and MIlliy Tiklanish on important issues of developing economic, political, humanitarian and judicial-legal sphere, as well as to unite efforts for efficient implementation of tasks on modernization of the country and democratic renovation of the society, the participants adopted decision to create the Block of Democratic Forces, which will consists of factions of two parties.

New block will make up a majority at the Legislative Chamber. UzLiDeP won 52 seats in the Legislative Chamber in the result of parliamentary elections in December 2014, while Milliy Tiklanish took 36 seats.

The participants noted that formation of Democratic Block in previous convocations of the parliament showed that only consolidated efforts of majority can ensure preparing and adoption of laws, necessary to gradual reforming and liberalizing all spheres of the state and public construction, social-economic life, democratic renovation and modernization of the country.

The block will act based on the agreement on interaction between two parties’ factions. The factions will keep right to act in line with their programme goals and tasks along with preliminary discussions of issues and developing agreed position on them.

According to the participants, the block will help to solve priority programme tasks, determined in pre-election platforms of the parties.

At the end of the discussions, the factions signed a bilateral agreement, setting main conditions and priority directions of joint activity of factions of UzLiDeP and Milliy Tiklanish.

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