State Tourism Committee: System of registration of guests in hotels and other accommodation facilities simplified in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan canceled the requirement to fill out the book of registration and provide paper-based reports on the persons, who stayed in hotels and other accommodation facilities, which started to use information system E-Mehmonxona (E-Hotel).

According to the press service of the State Tourism Committee, the decision was made with a view to creating convenience for foreign tourists and tourism subjects.

It should be underlined that a number of measures have been implemented to introduce a new and convenient mechanism. Firstly, for quick and convenient registration of guests - in hotels and other accommodation facilities, the “E-Mehmonxona” software complex was introduced, which allows tio include necessary information in electronic form via the Internet.

Secondly, the registration procedure for foreign tourists during ecological tours or motor rides across the country has been simplified by translating this procedure into an electronic form. The tour operators provide electronic lists of tourists with their passport data, traffic patterns, stopping places for trips equal to temporary residence for the following cases:

  • accompanied by guides, guides and / or instructor guides, organized by the tour operator outside the settlements, if the tour does not exceed 10 days;
  • foreigners on a private car, motorcycle, bicycle, on foot or in a group on the bus with the purchase of a tour operator’s car;

Thirdly, the concept of accommodation facility has been expanded by including the terms “tent camps” and “land transport, converted to accommodations for overnight accommodation”.

Earlier this concept included only “hotels, tourist bases and complexes, houses and recreation areas, boarding houses, camping sites, motels, national guest houses, yurt camps, sanatoriums and other facilities in which hotel services are provided - temporary accommodation services”. That is, in fact, foreign tourists were restricted in the case of travels through our mountains, steppes and deserts.

The introduction of new arrangements for registration of guests and the removal of the above restrictions will allow a sharp increase in the number of tourists arriving in Uzbekistan for purpose of ecological and extreme tourism, as well as autotravelers, the State Committee on Tourism said.

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