Karimov Foundation publishes “Days Gone By” novel in English language

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- The Karimov Foundation published “Days Gone By”, an English translation of one of Uzbekistan’s best-loved novels by well-known author Abdulla Qadiri.

“Days Gone By” (“O’tkan kunlar”) is a seminal work that saw the beginning of the Uzbek school of realism.

Translated by Carol Ermakova MA, a British graduate in Russian Literature and qualified translator with over 30 published literary translations, and edited by Julie Wickenden, this deluxe hardback edition is published by respected French publishing house Nouveau Monde Editions and includes specially-commissioned illustrations by acclaimed Uzbek artist Bobur Ismailov which capture the atmosphere of this historical novel.

Although well-loved in Uzbekistan, Qadiri’s works are not well known abroad, and that is what prompted us to instigate both the English translation and a new deluxe Uzbek publication in the Latin alphabet which is now more accessible to young Uzbeks both at home and abroad.

“Abdulla Qadiri describes those days in such detail, so skillfully and exquisitely conveying each nuance of the time, place and mores of the day and bringing the characters to life so vividly, that this piece was destined to withstand the trials of time, so that future generations can read about their distant ancestors’ way of life,” the Chair of the Karimov Foundation Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva said.

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