A single electronic ticketing system to be created until 2020

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- Uzbekistan will develop and implement a Single electronic system of ticket operations using blockchain technology in cultural and art institutions (EESBO) by 2020.

The government of Uzbekistan issued a resolution “On measures to create and implement a single electronic system of ticketing operations.”

The Foundation for Development of Culture and Art at the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan is charged to create and launch the EESBO at its own expense by 1 January 2020. The Foundation is a state customer for the development of the EESBO.

The Fund, jointly with the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, until 1 April 2020, should introduce an electronic payment mechanism for the purchase of electronic tickets within the EESBO in foreign currency using Internet acquiring.

The resolution noted that the blockchain technology is used in the EESBO to optimize internal processes and increase the transparency of ticket operations carried out by legal entities connecting to the EESBO, ensuring the integrity of data on operations performed by EESBO users.

Entrepreneurship entities, engaged in culture and art, as well as in related areas related to ticket issuance, including cinemas, theaters, as well as services for selling electronic tickets to attend events and services, work, have the right to connect to the EESBO, the document said.

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