About 263,000 small enterprises work in Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- As of 1 January 2019, the number of operating small enterprises and microfirms in Uzbekistan was 262,900 units. This figure is more than the same period last year by 14.5%, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said.

The main part of operating small enterprises and microfirms falls on Tashkent city – 60,000 units (22.8%), Tashkent region – 25,400 units (9.6%), Ferghana region – 23,300 units (8.9%) and Andijan region – 22,600 units (8.6%).

The largest part of them operate in trade sector – 70,500 units (26.8%), industry – 56,200 units (21.4%), construction – 29,000 units (11.0%), agriculture, forestry and fisheries – 24,000 units (9.1%), accommodation and food services – 19,700 units (7.5%), transportation and storage services – 13,100 units (5.0%), information and communication – 6,700 units (2.6%), health care and the provision of social services – 5,400 units (2.0%), as well as for other types – 38,400 units. (14.6%).

From this it is clear that the bulk of existing small enterprises and microfirms are in industry and trade. The smallest share of economic activities falls on health care, the provision of social services, as well as information and communication

According to the results for January - December 2018, the number of newly created small enterprises and microfirms was more than 48,900 units, which is 28.2% more than in the same period of last year.

A significant part of their total number was recorded in Tashkent city (12071 units), Tashkent (5080 units), Samarkand (4312 units) and Ferghana (3780 units) regions. Their smallest share falls on Syrdarya (1354 units), Khorezm (2009 units) and Navoi (1810 units) regions.

The largest part pf newly created enterprises fall to share of trade - 11,713 units, industry - 11,262 units, construction - 6,360 units, agriculture, forestry and fisheries - 5,586 units. The smallest number is in the field of health care and the provision of social services - 1154 units, information and communication - 1228 units, as well as in the field of transportation and storage - 2107 units.

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