Timur Ibragimov outpoints Al Cole

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- Heavyweights Timur Ibragimov of Uzbekistan outpointed Al Cole over six rounds at the fight held at Lofberg Arena. Ibragimov won the bout with the scores 60-55, 59-56, and 59-55.

Ibragimov (26-2-1; 14 KO) easily outscored former IBF Cruiserweight champion Al Cole (35-15-3; 16 kayos) in the main event. Cole fought defensively for the entire fight, constantly retreating and clinching in order to elude his younger opponent’s combinations.

Ibragimov fought aggressively, hoping to end matters early by connecting with a heavy right cross, but consistently the fighters ended up wrestling at close quarters because of Cole’s holding tactics. Nonetheless, Ibragimov was able to connect with so many punches to the head and body that the outcome of the fight was never in doubt.

Ibragimov finished the bout with small cuts over both eyes, apparently caused by headbutts as he and Cole wrestled during the clinching. The referee warned Cole several times for headbutting and excessive holding.

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