Vaqt Milliy Depozitariy distributes net income for 2010

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Shareholders of Vaqt Milliy Depozitariy open joint stock company distributed net income of the company for 2010 at the volume of 379.868 million soums.

General shareholders meeting of Vaqt Milliy Depozitariy directed 18.99 million soums to formation of reserve fund.

Shareholders issued 190.177 million soums to payment of dividends (including 104.67 million soums paid in nine months of 2010).

The company will direct 1.899 million soums to remuneration of revision commission and 18.852 million soums to remuneration of labour.

Shareholders directed 149.947 million soums to development of the company through capitalization of the resources to the charter capital.

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