US delegation visits Uzbekistan Interior Ministry

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- A delegation of the United States of America, including Middle East/Central Asia Regional Director at Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Mark Destito and DEA Tashkent Country Office Attaché Christopher Melink, paid an official visit to the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Uzbekistan.

First Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs of Uzbekistan major-general A. Ahmedbaev received the guests, the press service of the ministry said.

Ahmedbaev said that problems of illegal turnover and spread of narcotics becomes global progamme and represents real threat to all states of the world. He said that international community should consolidate their efforts on fighting this evil.

He said that law enforcement bodies of Uzbekistan and the US established close and fruitful interaction and it helps to put barrier to drugs flow from Afghanistan. He added that the sides should lift cooperation to new level.

Mark Destito expressed gratitude to warm reception and said that the US positively rate role and efforts of Uzbekistan on achievement of long-term peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Destito also expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Uzbekistan (MIA) and Academy of MIA for provided opportunity to the Drug Enforcement Administration to organize trainings for anti-drug units of the law enforcement bodies of Uzbekistan. It was noted that joint events on preventing drug spread, exchanging confidential information, equipping and training of law enforcement bodies are priority directions of bilateral cooperation.

During the talks, the sides considered other important issues and tasks for the future.

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