Three operators support decision on re-distribution of radio frequency bands

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Majority of mobile operators supported the decision of the Republican Radio Frequencies Council to redistribute radio frequency bands.

Republican Council of radio frequencies redistributed radio frequency bands in the 900/1800 MHz bands in the same volume between the four GSM mobile operators.

Acting Minister of Development of Information Technologies and Communications Sherzod Shermatov said that the decision directed at expanding and improving competitive environment, as well as providing equal opportunities for operators, including in providing LTE (4G) standard.

He said that about 1% of 12,000 settlements in Uzbekistan covered with LTE network. The regulator adopted decision to redistribute frequencies and provide equal conditions for GSM operators to develop LTE network.

Director on external relations and communications of Beeline and Director-General of Buzton Oraz Abdurazakov said that the operator suffered from the decision of the regulator.

He said that bands will be taken from Beeline in favour of other three companies as the operator possesses the largest set of bands.

Abdurazakov said the operator has several questions. He added that the operator is concerned that the decision will impact quality and level of services, provided to consumers.

Oraz Abdurazakov underlined that the operator developed several own proposals to settle this issue. He said that the proposals will be submitted to the working group, which was created to solve this issue.

Senior specialist on corporate communications of Ucell Kamola Ikramova said that the decision of the Council opens new opportunities for all operators. She said that the operator develops own proposals and it will announce them soon.

Director-General of Universal Mobile Systems Sirojiddin Fahriddinov said that the Council’s decision will allow the operator to introduce LTE in regions of Uzbekistan.

He said that the operator conducts technical works and ready to redistribution of frequency bands. He said that the operator can increase capacity four times without additional capital investments.

Director of the national mobile operator Uzmobile Vladimir Kravchenko said that the decision opens new opportunities for deploying 4G network in all regions of the country. He noted that the leadership of Uzbekistan set the task of covering all settlements with communication.

In his view, the redistribution of frequencies will give a great impulse to competition and development of the mobile communications industry.

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