Military engineers of Uzbekistan claim third place

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Military engineers of Uzbekistan took the third place in international army games, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan said.

International military games in 2017 are held at 22 training ranges in Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and China. Servicemen from 28 states take part in them.

For the first time, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan within the framework of “ARMI – 2017” took part in 8 competitions, such as "Excellent Army Intelligence", "Elbrus Ring", "Faithful Friend", "Safe Route", "Road Patrol", "Sniper Line","Master Gunsmith" and "Clear Sky".

In 15 contests, such as Tank Biathlon, Military Medical Relay, Keys from Heaven, Master of Auto Armored Technique, Military Rally, Engineering Formula, Rembat, Commonwealth Warrior, "Master of the artillery fire", "Competitions of the crews of UAV", representatives of Uzbekistan participated as observers.

At the training ground, located in Tyumen region of the Russian Federation, a contest among military engineers "Safe Route" was completed. A team of Uzbekistan won the third place in the contest. Uzbekistan team included Lieutenant-Colonel R. Baybekov. From the very best side, military engineers were shown by Senior Lieutenant O. Kuvondikov, Lieutenant R. Akhmadov, Sergeants V. Zhumakulov, S. Davronov, Junior Sergeants D. Bekmatov, T. Khaidarov, Urgent Military Service - U. Musaev, E. Khasanov.

They competed in search and destruction of anti-tank mines and creation of safe corridors for passage of armored vehicles. To ensure that the conditions of the military match were as close to combat as possible, about 6,000 meters of electric explosive networks, more than 250 imitation, signal and explosive incendiary charges were laid on the obstacle course. Competitions began with the conventional air strike of Su-24 front bombers and transport-combat Mi-8 helicopters.

The engineering and demining units had to detect and destroy the training ammunition installed on the field. Then the teams had to install a heavy mechanized bridge 20 meters in length and pass along it to the next stage, to make passages of the engineering machine.

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