UzLiDeP: Problems are solved

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Samarkand Regional Council of UzLiDeP organized an exit reception of citizens to the mahalla " Olg’a" in the Nurabad district.

During the exit reception of citizens, the appeals of the population were considered. Citizens have directly addressed to the leaders of the relevant spheres and resolved their problems at places.

Participant of the event T. Toshtemirov noted that more than 15 thousand citizens live in their mahalla and they need an additional medical hospital to treat patients and qualified medical personnel. The party’s employees and deputy groups of UzLiDeP recommended to the head of the regional medical association to study this issue and prepare relevant proposals. This issue will also be considered at the session of the Nurabad district Kengash (Council) of People’s Deputies.

During the event, the appeal of the citizen of the mahalla " Olg’a" B. Dulanova was positively solved. She said that because of the difficult family situation, she cannot afford to repair the roof of her house. The chairman of the mahalla " Olg’a" promised to provide her with material assistance from the mahalla fund. Also, a fellow villager E. Karshiev will give 40 pieces of slate to B.Dulanova for repairing her roof.

All issues are taken under control and specific measures are identified.

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