MegaPlanet and CLICK launches new payment method with use QR code

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Shopping mall MegaPlanet and the mobile and Internet banking system CLICK have launched a new type of payment with use of QR code.

CLICK stated that the visitors of the shopping mall can use the newest payment system on the ground via QR code using the CLICK UZBEKISTAN application.

Marketing Director of MegaPlanet Timur Ziyaviddinov said: “Virtual terminals of CLICK allows sellers to accept payments from plastic cards without the presence of a physical terminal, which significantly saves time for customers, and improves the quality of shopping.”

The new system allows to make payments even in cases when the buyer has no his plastic card with him/her. The system allows sellers to see receipt of money immediately and SMS notification to be sent to buyers’ phone.

The system also does not require access to the Internet, and payments can be made in the absence of electricity.

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