New Silk Road Oil And Gas starts gas extraction in Bukhara region

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- New Silk Road Oil and Gas JV LLC began to extract natural gas from Khojasayat site in Alat district of Bukhara region in Uzbekistan.

New Silk Road Oil and Gas is a joint venture between CNODC (the subsidiary of the Chinese National Oil and Gas Corporation, CNPC) and Uzbekneftegaz.

Based on the results of the implementation of the Agreement on Geological Exploration on Investment Blocks in Uzbekistan, signed in 2006, CNPC and Uzbekneftegaz opened new gas condensate fields Khojasayat, Khodjadavlat and Sharky Alat in Karakul investment block.

New Silk Road Oil & Gas was created to develop and launch commercial gas extraction at the opened fields.

Two new wells were drilled within the framework of the site development program, major repairs were carried out on three previously drilled wells, a modern automated control panel was installed to monitor the production of natural gas in real time.

In the near future, the joint venture plans to start construction of two more Khodjadavlat and Sharky Alat fields, drill 8 new wells, perform major repairs of three previously drilled wells, and lay 43 km of gas pipeline.

As a result of the full completion of this project, the annual production of natural gas will make up 1 billion cubic meters, which will be used for export and production of about 6,500 tonnes of gas condensate for sale on the domestic market.

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