UFF President bans five players for life from football

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- The President of the Uzbekistan Football Federation Umid Ahmadjonov banned five football players for life from football for forgery of identity documents and decrease of age.

According to the UFF, in the course of the analysis, a number of cases of falsification of age and names were identified.

In particular, Abdumutal Abdullayev, Muhammadjon Abdullayev, Nuriddin Hasanov, Dilshod Akhmadaliyev and Burkhan Khasanov were banned from football for forgery of documents. The Federation noted that the players changed their date of birth, and some of them took new names.

Umid Ahmadjonov underlined that the UFF is constantly fighting against cases of understating the age of players, scams, forgery of documents. He added that he will personally check every football player. “If violations are found, then they cannot escape punishment. We do not need dishonest football,” Ahmadjonov said.

The UFF President said that he has information about football players who have decreased their age and play for foreign clubs. According to him, in the near future detailed information will be issued about them and appropriate measures will be taken.

He said that the Federation collected data on football agents, who violated the rules of selling players to foreign countries and forced football players to use fraud in order to earn big money. Umid Ahmadjonov stressed that the UFF will provide information about them in the near future.

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