Uzbekistan to develop smart tourism

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- The State Committee for Tourism Development is initiating the development of a concept for smart technologies at cultural heritage sites and in state museums.

The committee said that Verum QR implemented a project on providing QR codes to 50 historic sites of Bukhara, which allows tourists to receive information on sites with help of their smart devices. It also allows to obtain information on objects located near the site like hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

It is expected that QR-codes will provide information in 12 languages by 1 April. The technology is tested in the Poi Kalon complex, the madrasa Gaukushon, Kukeldash, Nodir Devonbegi, in the trading domes Toki Sarofon, Toki telpakfurushon, Toki Zarganon, at the Lyabi House square, at the Nasriddinu Afandi monument, the Samanid mausoleum, the Ark citadel and the Jewish Synagogue . In February, QR-codes will also be set at hotels, restaurants and other objects of the tourism industry of the region.

Currently, the State Committee for Tourism Development together with interested ministries and departments, is developing the concept of smart technologies at cultural heritage sites and in state museums. The state bodies are also considering dissemination of Bukhara’s experience to all regions of the country.

The concept should cover such areas as introduction of a single ticket and electronic visitor registration system, virtual tours, installation of audio guides, development of electronic catalogs of historical monuments in foreign languages and their 3D models, creation of mobile applications, which allow the translation and commentary of classical texts, as well as detailed information about the relevant cultural- historical heritage.

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