Surhan Gas Chemical Operating Company starts to appraisal well

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Within the framework of the production sharing agreement for an investment block “Uzbekistan Mustakilligi”, Surhan Gas Chemical Operating Company started to construct an appraisal well at the 25 Years of Independence field in order to confirm reserves of hydrocarbons.

At present, the reserves of the 25 years of Independence and the investment block Uzbekiston Mustakilligi are estimated at more than 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

International drilling company ERIELL was attracted to carry out drilling works. The unique facility was built, which will be operated in complex geological conditions of hydrogen sulfide aggression, anomalous reservoir pressure and temperature.

Baker Hughes, Halliburton and NOV are providing services within the project.

In addition to drilling of the appraisal well, the project operator is conducting an environmental audit of the field. The international consultants will organize marketing research, conceptual study of the project and inventory audit.

It is expected that the project will make huge contribution to Uzbekistan’s economy and gas chemical and chemical industry of the country.

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