Uzbekistan imports 1.5 billion kWh of electricity from Tajikistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbekistan will resume import of electricity from Tajikistan in the amount of 1.5 billion kWh during the spring, the press service of Uzbekenergo said on Wednesday.

The company said that the parties reached an agreement on supply of electricity from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan in the amount of up to 1.5 billion kWh for mutually beneficial technical and economic conditions during the growing season of 2018.

The decision was made in course of the meeting of the working commission on implementation of items of the Protocol of the meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation, an agreement was reached with the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Supply of electricity from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan for the winter period of 2018/2019 will be considered additionally.

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