Uzbek citizen sentenced to 5.5 years in prison for membership in terrorist organization

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Uzbek citizen Azamat Madrimov was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison for membership in terrorist organization. He was detained by the State Security Service of Uzbekistan (SGB).

According to the press service of the SGB, a native of Gurlan district of Khorezm region visited Russia for earnings in 2012-2015 regularly.

During one of the visits to Russia, Azamat Madimov learned that his fellow villagers who worked with him in Russia, Olimjon Khasanov, Sherzod Yazirov, Murod Ashurov, Maksad Matyaqubov, Jurabek Kurbonov and Rakhmatjon Bekmetov became members of a terrorist organization. Rakhmatjon Bekmetov is the brother of Madrimov.

They recruited Azamat Madrimov in their ranks. Azamat Madrimov got the idea to join the jihad and take part in military operations in Syria.

Azamat Madrimov said that he constantly kept in touch with his accomplices, who sent photos and videos from Syria. They called Azamat to Syria and promised to find a job.

In 2016, he intended to leave for Syria through Kazakhstan and Turkey. For this he arrived to the city of Atrau in Kazakhstan. Here he planned to meet with his wife Nazakot Madrahimova and then go to Syria.

Under the plan, Olimjon Khasanov should meet Madrimov and his wife in Turkey and send them to Syria. Hasanov told Azamat Madrimov not to go to Uzbekistan under any conditions, the television program reported.

Azamat Madrimov said that he was told that every Muslim should commit jihad and fight against unbelievers to establish a caliphate. He added that by accepting their words for the truth, he decided to join the jihad in Syria.

Nazakot Madrahimova did not agree with her husband’s decision to join the militants and disrupted his plan to leave for Syria. According to the court’s decision, Azamat Madrimov was sentenced to 5.5 years of imprisonment.

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