Volume of rendered market services makes up 66.56 trln. soums in Jan-Jun

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- In January - June of 2018, according to preliminary data, the volume of rendered market services was equal to 66.56 trillion soums, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said. The growth rate made up 7.6% year-on-year.

In the total volume of rendered market services, the largest volume is accounted for transport services (20.13 trillion soums).

Along with this, the volumes of trade services increased (18.32 trillion soums), financial services (9.3 trillion soums), communication services and informatization (4.53 trillion soums). At present, 203,700 organizations and enterprises are involved in the service sector. The share of organizations and services in the total number of organizations and enterprises was 66.5%.

In January-June of 2018, compared to the same period last year, the highest growth rates were registered in Tashkent (+13.6%), Navoi (+12.9%), Jizzakh (+10.6%), Surkhandarya (+7.6) regions.

Low growth rates were observed in Tashkent (+4.2%), Kashkadarya (+4.5%), Bukhara (+5.1%), Khorezm (+5.6%) and Ferghana (+5.7%).

Among the regions, the largest volume was in Tashkent (21.31 trillion soums), Tashkent region (4.98 trillion soums). The smallest volume was observed in Syrdarya (866.6 billion soums), Jizzakh (1.41 trillion soums) regions.

Among the regions the leading place is located in Tashkent. The share of Tashkent city makes up 32.0% of the total volume of market services rendered. Along with this, the largest share in the total volume of services by regions was Tashkent (7.5%), Samarkand (6.7%), Ferghana (6.2%), Andijan (5.5%) regions.

The lowest relative density, in comparison with other regions, was recorded in Syrdarya (1.3%), Jizzakh (2.1%), Navoi (2.6%), Khorezm (2.9%) and the Republic of Karakalpakstan (3, 0%).

In January-June 2018, the volume of market services provided per capita was 2.03 million soums. The growth rate, compared with last year, amounted to 5.8%.

The highest rates for services provided per capita were registered in the city of Tashkent – 8.61 million soums. Compared to January-June of 2017, the growth was 11.7%. The lowest volume of services per capita was observed in Surkhandarya region – 991,500 soums, with growth rates of 5.3%.

In January-June of 2018, the growth of such types of services by types economic activity, as services in the field of architecture, engineering surveys, technical testing and analysis (34.7%), financial services (32.2%), communication and information services (18.2%), services in the health sector (15.2%).

For comparison, in January-June 2017, the growth rate of services in the area architecture, engineering surveys, technical testing and analysis made up 6.6%, financial services - 31.6%, communication and information services - 16.2% and healthcare services - 14.7%.

Consistent measures to reform the financial and banking system are an important factor in the sustainable development of the economy, ensuring employment and well-being of the population. An increase in the growth rate of financial services is observed in Surkhandarya (+43.8% ), Jizzakh (+38.9%), Navoi (+37.0%), Tashkent (+35.8%) regions and Tashkent (+36.0%)

The lowest growth rates for financial services, compared to with other regions, were noted in Bukhara (112.5%), Kashkadarya (122.1%), Khorezm (122.7%), Andijan (122.8%), Ferghana (123.0%) regions.

Today the autonomy of transport is ensured in the republic and a national system has been created linking all the regions of the republic with each other. Along with this, the transport system serves as a factor for the development of foreign economic relations and integration with other countries. The leading place in the total volume of transport services is occupied by services rendered by motor transport (48.3%).

The services rendered by railway transport in total volume of transport services occupy 14.9%. The share of services for transportation of goods and passengers by air was 10.6% of the total volume of transport services. Subsidiary transport activities occupy 7.3% of the total volume of transport services.

In the structure of services provided by road transport, the largest share was in Tashkent city (16.7%), Tashkent (13.7%) and Samarkand (11.8%) region.

The lowest rates were registered in Syrdarya (1.6%), Jizzakh (2.7%), Navoi (2.8%) regions and the Republic Karakalpakstan (3.3%).

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