A draft strategy for innovative development of Uzbekistan was developed

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- Uzbekistan developed a draft strategy for the country’s innovative development until 2021. The document was published on the portal for discussion of normative legal acts.

The goal of this Strategy is a consistent increase in the well-being of the population through the formation of an innovative, high-tech, competitive economy, improving the quality of human capital and the scientific potential of Uzbekistan.

The main tasks of the Strategy are:

  • improving the quality and coverage of education at all levels, developing a system of lifelong education, ensuring the flexibility of the training system based on the needs of the economy;
  • strengthening the scientific potential and effectiveness of research and development, creating effective mechanisms for integrating science, education and business for large-scale implementation of R & D results;
  • increasing public and private financing of innovation and R & D, introduction of modern forms of financing innovations;
  • increasing efficiency of the government, introduction of modern methods and tools of state management;
  • ensuring the protection of property rights, creating competitive markets and equal business conditions, developing of public-private partnerships;
  • createing a sustainably functioning infrastructure, increasing the share of energy from renewable sources, providing common and inexpensive access to high-speed Internet.

The strategy includes proposals for development of education, science and development, and the financing of innovation. In particular, it is proposed to create venture funds and innovative banks.

The document’s developers also propose to reform the system of public administration.

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