Center of Imam Bukhari establishes cooperation with Malaysia

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Malaysia is actively working to promote initiatives and proposals of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, announced during the First Summit of the OIC on Science and Technology on 10-11 September 2017 in Astana among the foundations and institutes of foreign countries.

In particular, on 1-10 July 2018, a visit of the delegation of the International Research Center Imam Bukhari under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan to Malaysia led by Deputy Director of the Center Sh. Umarov was organized. The visit was organized in order to establish cooperation with the leading universities and research centers of Malaysia in the fields of studying manuscripts and historical documents, exchange of experience and professional development of specialists.

During the visit, the representatives of Uzbekistan took part in the 2nd International Conference on Manuscripts and Historical Documents, which was held on 1-5 July 2018 in the city of Nilai, Malaysia.

Sh. Umarov made a presentation on "Studying manuscripts and paying attention to this field in Uzbekistan." Also during the event, the presentation of the Center’s scientific works "Imom Bukhori tarifi" and "Qo’lyozmalar katalogi" was held. The presented information and materials aroused great interest among representatives of scientific and expert circles of the host country and foreign states.

As a result of the conference, a number of agreements were reached on cooperation with the leading research centers and institutes of Malaysia, KSA, UAE and Kuwait in the field of studying manuscripts, life and scientific heritage of great scientists, sharing experiences and information, and holding the next international conference in Uzbekistan.

Representatives of Uzbekistan were awarded various certificates and diplomas for their achievements and contributions to the study of manuscripts and historical documents.

On 6-10 July 2018, the Uzbek delegation held meetings with the leadership of the National University, the University of Islamic Sciences, the International Islamic University, the Institute of Islamic Civilization and the Institute of Islamic Understanding of Malaysia.

During the talks, agreements were reached on development of the Roadmap for cooperation and the signing of Memoranda of Understanding between the above-mentioned institutions in the field of professional development of the faculty and student exchange, as well as in studying the scientific heritage of Islam through joint conferences, seminars and studies of the ancient manuscripts stored in Uzbekistan.

At the same time, representatives of the Imam Bukhari Center were invited to one of the leading radio stations in Malaysia "IKIM FM" to participate in the evening "Talk Show". Within the framework of the conversation, the Uzbek side acquainted the audience with the new reforms, being implemented in the country on the development of civil society, ensuring tolerance and religious freedom, protecting the rights of believers and preventing their discrimination, etc.

Information was provided on the International Research Center Imam Bukhari, the Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan and the Center for Islamic Civilization, established by the Government in the Republic.

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