Uzbek Public Education Minister: There are many other important problems than uniform

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Minister of Public Education of Uzbekistan Sherzod Shermatov, commenting about the report of “Uzbekistan 24” on appearance of schoolchildren and teachers, called public humiliation of the person, especially children, unacceptable.

“At the very beginning of my activity in the Ministry of Public Education, I already said that there are a lot of other more important problems than uniform. But, unfortunately, until now, many people districted by this issue,” the Minister said.

He recalled that on 26 June he had already commented on the question of uniform. “I think it is wrong to take this issue to another direction. All attention has gone to the school uniform, although our main task is the quality of education. We should not be distracted by minor issues,” he said then.

“In addition, when we all try to support the authority of teachers in every possible way, I believe that it was wrong to pass from the question of the uniform of the pupils to the clothes of the teacher. Currently, it is difficult to find highly qualified teachers,” Shermatov said.

“Especially on ethics, when they show someone on the negative plane on television, not by their consent, it is necessary to cover their face so that they cannot be recognized. Public humiliation of personality should not be allowed in a civilized society, especially children! I hope in the future respectable journalists will take into account such important moments,” the minister stressed.

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