Russians prefer Uzbekistan to Europe

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- analysts summed up the results of early booking. For the first time, Uzbekistan topped the ranking of the most sold out directions.

The most popular country to celebrate the New Year was Uzbekistan, which last year held only the seventh line of the rating, where twice as many tickets were sold compared to 2017. Germany was second and Czech Republic - third.

It turned out that the demand for New Year’s tickets to Europe for the year fell by almost 20%. In the past holidays, Germany, the Czech Republic and Moldova were among Top-3.

As for the unexpected leader from Central Asia, then, according to experts, some of the statistics have traditionally been made by labor migrants, who fly home for the New Year holidays and then return to Russia.

The other part is the tourists ,who go to the warm country to relax, see the sights, try authentic Central Asian cuisine and go skiing in the Chimgan tract.

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