Country-specific thematic classes of Pakistan and France to appear at the Academy of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- It should be noted that the leadership of the country pays great attention to the issues of modernization and improvement of higher military educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan.

A vivid example of the new look of military education is the Academy of the Armed Forces, which absorbed the modern experience of developed countries in the training of military personnel, taking into account the modernization of the educational material and technical base.

The conditions created in the Academy of the Armed Forces provide the faculty, cadets and students of unlimited opportunities in the information and resource space to improve their knowledge in any field of science.

An important role in the technical equipment of the Academy is assigned to the expansion of cooperation with the highest military educational and research institutions of advanced foreign countries.

The country study thematic classes devoted to the armed forces of foreign countries created conditions for deeper study by cadets and students of the history of the great commanders, culture and military traditions of foreign armies and became a platform for cooperation in the exchange of experience and opinions in matters of military science.

In the framework of the further improvement of the educational process and the infrastructure of the Academy, work continues on the creation of new regional-thematic classes devoted to the Armed Forces of foreign countries, taking into account the proposals received from foreign partners.

The implementation of these tasks is carried out in close cooperation with military attachés of Great Britain, India, Pakistan and France.

Military attachés of these states are actively involved in working together with representatives of the Academy of the Armed Forces on the design of regional-cultural thematic classes.

Joint preparation of information materials for stands is supplemented by models of weapons and military equipment provided by foreign partners, attributes of foreign armies, and printed publications. Presented by military attaches at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Uzbekistan, Colonel Imran Arif and Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Marie Holzinger, the Military Attache at the French Embassy in Uzbekistan recently transferred these materials to enrich the Academy's foundation.

At the same time, military attaches of foreign countries are working on the issue of establishing videoconferencing with the highest military educational institutions of their states.

Currently, various proposals of foreign partners are being considered for the further organization of cooperation, using video conferencing.

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