Some 56 children hospitalized with food poisoning in Bekabad

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- On 9 November 2018, eight pupils of preschool educational institution No. 8 with a probable diagnosis of food poisoning were hospitalized to the hospital of infectious diseases of the Medical Association of Bekabad city.

During the pre-investigation check conducted by the prosecutor’s office of Bekabad city, it was established that to date only 56 pupils and 2 educators of the preschool educational institution No. 8 have applied to the medical association and they receive emergency medical care.

According to the data of the Medical Association of the city from 10 November 2018, the state of health of the applicants was assessed as moderately severe, the diagnosis was “foodborne toxicoinfection”.

At the moment, on this fact, the city prosecutor’s office has appointed a forensic chemical and bacteriological examination, the pre-investigation check continues.

The General Prosecutor’s Office has established appropriate supervision over the course of the inspection.

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