Ministry of Preschool education monitors state of health of children, hospitilized in Bekabad

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Ministry of Preschool education studied the situation with food poisoning of 59 children and three employees of kindergarten No. 8 in Bekabad city of Tashkent region.

From 17:15 of 9 November to 16:00 of 10 November, 62 children were hospitalized with suspicion to food poisoning. There were not serious cases. Conditions of 7 children are light, while conditions of others are medium severity.

Bacteriological tests were taken from hospitalized children and adults and sent to the laboratory. According to the results of the epidemiological investigation, as well as the data of bacteriological research, final diagnoses will be made.

About 20 people were hospitalized. On 11 November morning, it is expected that another group of children will be released from hospital, the Ministry of Preschool education said.

During the inspection, it turned out that the domestic refrigerator is not marked, and inoperative. The nurse did not take daily test. There is no separate room for cleaning and processing vegetables and root crops.

At the moment, the khokim of the city of Bekabad is taking steps to purchase refrigeration units for the pre-school institution No. 8 in the city of Bekabad.

On 9 November, 205 children from 235 registered were in the kindergarten, which is designed for 280 people.

During the epidemiological investigation, washes were taken from all objects of the external environment of the institution, water, food products, kitchen equipment, as well as from the hands and clothes of employees. A total of 196 swabs were taken and sent to the Central State Sanitary Epidemiological Inspectorate of the city of Bekabad and Tashkent region.

Ministry of Preschool Education will closely monitor the events and the state of health of children, notify about the number of people discharged as they become available. Also, specialists from the Ministry are investigating the reasons for the breakdown of the facilities and are studying issues related to whether messages were sent to the district branch of the preschool education or the local authorities about the fact of the breakdown of refrigerator.

The kindergarten is temporarily closed, and it will undergo disinfection.



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