Agency for Urbanization and Fund for Development of Urbanization are being created

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- The Agency for Urbanization and the Fund for the Development of Urbanization under the Ministry of Economy and Industry are being established in Uzbekistan.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree “On measures to fundamentally improve the processes of urbanization” on 10 January. New institutions are created in accordance with this decree.

New organizations will take part in implementation of the Concept for development of urbanization until 2030.

According to the decree, the Concept for development of urbanization will be developed until 1 July 2019 and envisages creation of new cities and satellite cities due to integrated housing construction.

The Agency, in accordance with the decree, will implement a unified state policy in the sphere of urbanization regulation and long-term planning of the rates, stages and results of the industrialization policy.

Among the tasks of the agency are identification of “growth poles”, selection of places for management centers, the coordination of educational policies, formation of the labor market, and internal and external migration.

The Agency will develop programs to stimulate the flow of labor from the countryside to the cities, including a number of institutional and organizational measures aimed at training and retraining rural residents in new industrial specialties.

The agency will also regulate the integrated development of the urban settlement system, the formation of an effective ratio of small, medium, large and large cities, taking into account world practice.

The urbanization development fund will accumulate funds from privatization of land plots and finance projects to develop master plans for new cities and satellite cities, created under the Concept, as well as work on the construction of necessary engineering, transport and social infrastructures for them.

The fund will sell land through auctions and develop the mortgage market by developing and introducing new forms of mortgage lending, issuing medium-term and long-term mortgage bonds, as well as attracting funds from international financial institutions to develop the national mortgage market.

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