IAEA expert: NPP is a national project

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- Uzbekistan’s first nuclear power plant is a national project that should be proud of. This was noted at the workshop in Tashkent by the IAEA expert Georges Haddad.

The seminar of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was held in the capital for 3 days - from 4 to 6 February 2019. It became the first large-scale seminar with the participation of the IAEA mission for specialists of Uzbekistan, the Agency “Uzatom” and the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” and was devoted to the topic of choosing a site for building the first nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan.

“You should be proud of this project, you should work together,” said Georges Haddad, a nuclear infrastructure engineer at the IAEA, speaking to the participants of the seminar.

“In no country, no department builds nuclear power plants independently. It is important to understand that this project is important for everyone. It is necessary to coordinate the work on the project and with other departments.”

According to another IAEA expert, Director of the Nuclear Installations Safety Division, Greg Zhentkowski, it is very important that Uzbekistan takes such a serious approach to the issue of careful selection of a site for a future nuclear power plant. Proof of this is the invitation of the IAEA mission to Tashkent at this stage to increase the knowledge of Uzbek specialists.

“I was pleased to work in this project, to share information regarding site selection. This work must be carried out in the most thorough way in order to get on the right path from the very beginning. This is a guarantee that work will develop steadily and safely. This seminar allowed the IAEA experts not only to share knowledge, but also to better understand your priorities. The schedule of your first NPP construction project in Uzbekistan is very ambitious. And we are trying to help you achieve your goals,” he said.

The main topic of the seminar “Preparing for the upcoming expert mission to assess the safety of the NPP location site taking into account external impacts (SEED mission)” was widely revealed in his presentations by another IAEA expert, chief nuclear safety expert Ayhan Altynullar. Speaking about the results of these three days, he noted that the beginning of a large joint work on the project. The IAEA has the capacity to organize detailed seminars on seismology, hydrology, metrology, geotechnical and other aspects important for the construction of nuclear power plants.

During the workshop, IAEA experts presented and discussed with the participants the role of nuclear safety in the nuclear power program, the IAEA’s approaches to the choice of site for nuclear power plants, documents on safety standards related to site selection and assessment for nuclear power plants, environmental management activities for nuclear power plants, etc.

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