Business incubator starts work in Jizzakh

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- On 7 February 2019, an announcement was held in Jizzakh to open a business incubator at NAPU to support entrepreneurship in Jizzakh. This is one of the projects of the National Project Management Agency, aimed at building a program for youth development in Jizzakh region.

The leadership of NAPU has developed a strategy to support the program, the first step of which was the opening of a business incubator in Jizzakh.

This will allow entrepreneurs to solve many problems and answer questions such as finding a source of funding and attracting an investor to their project, how to prepare a business plan and calculate possible risks for a project, in what direction and how to attract the market to your product and where to find sales channels and how to organize advertising, sales of their products.

Perhaps an important factor that will allow the strategic program to be successfully implemented is a developed, understandable and effective funding mechanism for the program. An entrepreneur comes with his idea to a business incubator and works on his idea to the project stage together with his mentors and experts. After the project is formed, a business plan is developed, the project is reviewed. According to the results of the competition, the best projects are selected, and the winner - the entrepreneur and NAPU sign an investment memorandum, become partners (each side must contribute a specific asset to the project) and jointly implement the investment project.

At the first stage, the business incubator at NAPU is ready to provide full support to the young entrepreneur, not only directing him in the right direction of the business, but also providing financial support. And the most important thing is to share with the entrepreneur all his possible risks on the project. The implementation of the program contributes to development of tourism, agriculture, light, heavy, processing industry. Undoubtedly, this will give impetus to the development of science and technology, robotization and programming. In addition, the implementation of the program will resolve the issue of providing qualified personnel for the atomic technology, IT technology, logistics and management, and digital electronics.

The proposed step-by-step scheme for the implementation of the youth development program allows not only to maximally reach the youth of the region, but also to develop an effective business environment, train its craft, help create your project and successfully implement it. The opening of the office of the business incubator is scheduled for 1 March 2019. Also, access points are already open, where you can ask questions and get answers. The office of the business incubator will be located in the building of the NAPU office in Jizzakh.

The source of funding for the program at the first stage is NAPU, at the second stage - international and local investment sites, investment companies, foreign investment programs, the World Bank, Foreign banks, local commercial banks.

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