A concept of brand of Jizzakh region has been developed

Tashkent, Uzbekistan (UzDaily.com) -- Starting 1 March 2019, implementation of the Innovative Region development program starts in Jizzak, during which large-scale work is planned to improve all spheres of the region with a focus on attracting large investments.

As part of the transformation of Jizzakh region, in addition to a whole range of measures and programs of investment projects, aimed at fundamental changes in the socio-economic life of the region, the task of branding Jizzakh for its recognition and uniqueness is being solved not only in Uzbekistan, but also far beyond its borders.

It should be recalled that the National Project Management Agency was set as the responsible authority for the systematic and effective preparation and implementation of the pilot of the Advanced Region project in Jizzakh region.

To this end, the Agency, jointly with the Artógraph design studio, developed a Region Identity Concept. The concept will continue to develop within a few months. Today we bring to the attention of users the main idea of the concept.

The work on the brand project was preceded by a detailed acquaintance with the beauties of Jizzakh region, the contrast of mountain peaks and heat of the steppe territories, the exquisite taste of samsa, and the good nature of the inhabitants of the region.

Iskander Haitbaev said: “One of the main priorities of Artógraph was to create a regional symbol that carries a deep semantic meaning, while retaining the flexibility of its adaptation. The new logo of Jizzakh region combines three important elements - the pin, which has become the universally accepted symbol of the place inside which the door opens, allowing you to look into the ever-changing Jizzakh, due to the letter J, from which the name of the region and the city Jizzakh begins.

The main workspace of the sign is the letter J, which can be transparent, filled with color, containing a pattern or some image. The remaining space may be secondary used to accommodate text of various sizes, from short messages to several paragraphs.

In this image, the transparency of the letter J is used as a kind of window into the future, showing skyscrapers where steppe used to be - this can be a great image in a campaign to attract investors to unique opportunities in a rapidly changing region.

Having individual logos, districts can use them for their own purposes, for example, in marketing communications that attract attention to the city or district, rather than the region as a whole. ”

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