Maxam-Chirchiq to modernize its capacities

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- Maxam-Chirchiq OJSC is planning to modernize its capacities on production of carbamide by November 2011 and nitric acid after two years.

Maxam-Chirchiq reconstructed and modernized facility on ammonia production AM-76. The project allowed to decrease energy consumption. Now, the enterprise cut natural gas production by 326 cubic meters and 62 kilowatt-hour for production 1,000 tonnes of ammonia. Saved fuel can be used to heat family with four persons within a year.

Total cost of the project is US$24.72 million. Fund for Development and Reconstruction of Uzbekistan issued loan US$12 million, Spain’s MaxamCorp S.A.U. invested US$4 million, while Maxam-Chirchiq directed US$8.72 million.

Maxam-Chirchiq OJSC, former Elektrohimprom, was commissioned in 1940 and specializes on production of ammonia, ammonium nitrate, and carbamide. MaxamCorp S.A.U. purchased 49% stake at Elektrohimprom for US$22 million in 2007. The company undertook obligation to invest US$55 million in next five years.

Maxam-Chirchiq is a leading chemical enterprise in Uzbekistan, which produces 30 types of goods. The company realizes its products in internal market and exports to the countries of the CIS, European Union, USA, Latin America, and Australia.

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