CBU issues 100,000-soums banknote into circulation
16 February 2019 17:45
Central Bank of Uzbekistan will introduce 100,000-soum banknotes into circulation, the regulator said in a statement.
Jamshid Kuchkarov
15 February 2019 07:38
Uzbekistan plans to reduce the proportion of gold in its foreign currency reserves and buy U.S. Treasuries instead, the country’s finance minister Jamshid Kuchkarov said on Thursday, Reuters reported.
Central Bank: Total volume of interventions in the domestic foreign exchange market makes up US$3.8 billion in 2018
14 February 2019 15:19
In 2018, the total volume of interventions in the domestic foreign exchange market amounted to US$3.8 billion (of which US$3.2 billion was from the Central Bank), which covered 37% of the total demand for foreign currency . This was reported by the Central Bank of Uzbekistan.
Foreign investors show great interest in bonds of Uzbekistan
14 February 2019 08:53
On 14 February, Uzbekistan plans to place five-year eurobonds for US$500 million and ten-year eurobonds for US$500 million.
License of audit organization Ifat-Audit has been terminated
14 February 2019 08:31
In accordance with order No. 365-af of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 1 February 2019, a license to carry out audit activities for conducting initiative audits of the audit organization IFAT-AUDIT No. 00205 of 22 February 2008 was terminated from January 25, 2019.
Ministry of Finance and Central Bank to place securities for 60 billion soums
14 February 2019 08:09
The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Uzbekistan on will place government securities (GS) in the trading system of the Uzbek Republican Currency Exchange (UzRCE) 19 February 2019.
CBU: Population and business entities remained wary of price stability
13 February 2019 19:04
According to the results of surveys to determine inflation expectations, in the fourth quarter of 2018, the population and business entities remained wary of price stability, both in the short and medium term.
Moody’s assigns issuer rating of B1 to the Government of Uzbekistan, outlook stable
13 February 2019 15:14
Moody’s Investors Service assigned a first-time long-term issuer rating to the Government of Uzbekistan at B1. The outlook is stable.
BCG: The investment potential of Uzbekistan is up to US$65 billion
13 February 2019 01:05
Against the backdrop of a global decline in foreign direct investment in the world, Central Asia is showing strong growth and could become a new frontier for international capital.
ADB Director General Werner Liepach visits Uzbekistan, meets officials 
11 February 2019 17:11
Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Director General for Central and West Asia Department Mr. Werner Liepach visited Uzbekistan from 7 to 11 February.


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